Power Parenting

Linda Sisson and I lereaching handsad a FREE monthly parenting class.  It is sponsored by the Family Support Center and The Hands On Children’s Museum.  Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, from 6-8pm.

NEXT CLASS Tuesday May 14 2019    



May 14 From Clingy to Adventurous: How to foster Independence.    Our children are dependent on us for so much; basic physical needs, emotional needs, learning, safety. At times it can feel like it will never end. How can we provide for what they need and be assured that they will grow up and become independent?  Come explore how independence and dependence are not an either or question but are situational specific questions.  

June 11 Soothing Sibling Rivalry: Fairness and Needs                                    Parenting is one of the toughest jobs we will ever do and the difficulty doubles with each child you add!  Children gain knowledge and empathy by having a sibling in their life. However, that learning can be painful, especially for parents who have to listen to the squabbles. We’ll uncover some of the real issues between siblings and discuss strategies and successes.   

July 9 Lying, Cheating, Honesty and Trust:                                                                   Why do children lie? Is lying ever developmental appropriate? How can I insure honesty in my family?  Come explore the issues around lying and being lied to and setting a culture of trust in your family.                                                                                

These classes are very interactive with a different topic focus each month.  Put more tools in your pocket for those difficult parenting challenges. Past topics include: Discipline, Nighttime Parenting and Sleep, Temper Tantrums,  Your Sensory Child,  Screen time,  Power Struggles,  Sibling Rivalry, The Sleuthing Parent, the Frustrated Child, Safety in a Crazy World, No More Yelling, Trauma Proofing.

You meet and exchange ideas with other parents as your children enjoy supervised play in the Museum, a win for everyone.

Pre-registration required. No fee.  To register, call (360) 956-0818  x103.                       For children under 3, childcare provided for $10 per child.                                                     (Limited childcare & scholarships available.) 

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