Creative Dance for Kids

Class for 5-8 year olds begins Thursday March 19  6 weeks $84. 4-5 pm  Classes held at Motion in Balance Studio 219 Legion Way Olympia  We start March 19, 26 and April 2, skip April 9 for spring break and continue April 16, 23, 30, for 6 classes total.                     To register contact:                    

Creative Dance fosters self-expression through development of movement skills; interpersonal skills and knowledge of body self.  Children develop a vocabulary of movement through exploration of body actions, dynamic variation, spatial awareness and active modulation of impulses.  My approach to teaching is conceptual so I have written the kind of structure I keep in mind when planning a class.  The aspects will morph and overlap in the actual class, but what is constant is a short warm up a long period of exploration and a brief closing activity.

  • warm up
  • Exploration of themes and materials: themes; space, pathway, energy, tempo, shape etc.  Materials; scarves, streamers, stretchy bands, body sox etc.
  • Technique skills: leap, sashay, skip, moving to a beat, turning etc.
  • Creating and showing: putting together movements that have been explored and showing them.  To develop artistic skills in problem solving, seeing movement and speaking about movement.
  • closing