talk of being thankful

It is the time of year that many talk about being thankful, and I am reflecting on the opportunities and gifts many of you have given me by walking into my room and sharing. Especially you who I saw only once or a few times. I often think back to folks who came to see me and I didn’t quite get what they needed in order to feel safe enough to explore the process that could get to the material they wanted to shift. It is these gifts, the ones that I wonder on and that keep me exploring, that I want to acknowledge here.

Those not quite moments are puzzles I get to keep in my mind/body and wait for new information or experiences that will help the pieces slip into place. I look at what transpired and wonder if there was something that brought up a person’s defensive patterns. This is often quite subtle and as I can sometimes see it, I can’t always offer ease. I can say; “I am wondering how what I have said or done has landed.” Sometimes that is enough to release some defensiveness but for those who are like me acknowledgement isn’t always enough to win back my trust.

There are also those of us who experience being noticed as criticism and fear we are being corrected. There are those who don’t receive the techniques and physical tools in the way that I usually experience with folks. There are those whose bodies/souls have been hurt so many times, any attempt to bring awareness to body sensation elicits fear, numbness or physical pain. Body awareness helps build a new relationship to ones bodyself, but that awareness of sensation must be held in tender safety or it is not healing.  Many moments of integration of body experiences will begin to change the body’s unconscious perception that the world isn’t a safe place. Many more than can happen when you sit with me, but I hope to show you how it is possible.

Whether you have come into the warm coral walls of my space or not, I celebrate you on your journey to be more fully yourself, reclaiming all of your cells, nerves, yes, every fiber of you. And I thank you who have given me the pleasure of seeing you connect to your bodyself and you who have nudged me to keep exploring how each of us is different and on our own path.

In gratitude and with blessings, Karen.

About karenkirsch

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Laban Movement Analyst. I have a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology with training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Body Mind Centering, Dance Therapy and other mind/body disciplines. My passion is to help people integrate sensate understanding into the practice of daily living and encourage gentle exploration grounded in sound anatomical and neurological principles.
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