What is Somatic Movement Therapy?

The word Somatic comes from Greek, soma or living body, and defines the first person lived experience of being embodied, or how it feels to be you from your inner sensory experience.  Many approaches to mind body integration are called Somatic therapies, some involve hands on physical manipulation as in massage and structural physical therapy others are centered on clients speaking about their body experience without ever getting off their chair.

Perception, emotion and thought all have a physical basis. Even the word feeling tells us of the essence of body sensation in emotional experience.  In somatic therapy all talking and experiences are referenced back to the body in the present moment.  Maintaining safety, (as recognized by the autonomic nervous system), allows you to utilize these experiences generating a natural healing response to pain or trauma.

The inroad can be physical as in chronic low back pain or emotional, depression, anxiety, or relationship challenges. No matter where you begin Somatic Therapy facilitates the normal integration of the body and the mind, which are often split in our cultural and medical approaches.

I am registered as a Somatic Movement Therapist through ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association).  I utilize many different modalities in my work; Bodynamic Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Authentic Movement, Sensory Integration, Sensorimotor Pyschotherapy, Psychodrama, Developmental Movement, Laban Analysis, Interpersonal Neurobiology,  (see training and background page).  I do not do massage and all touch in your session with me is minimal and only with your full consent.

For more information on what a session maybe like see Working with me looks like this… 

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