Referral Special

Sometimes it’s hard to get all the care we need to heal and recover.  Somatic sessions can be a powerful compliment to the work you are already undertaking with your physical therapist, chiropractor, bodywork practitioner or psychotherapist.  To make that more affordable I have designed a package of six sessions at the reduced rate of $240 when you have a referral from your therapist.


If you have an injury or chronic pain, this is a series designed to help you develop somatic awareness to self-correct alignment; reduce stress and facilitate full, integrated movement.  If you feel that you have reached the limitations of talk therapy I will assist you in following messages from your body.  Sessions in this series are designed to meet your needs and goals and to learn new skills to incorporate into your daily life. At the end of our six sessions I ask you to get back to the practitioner who referred you and let them know how your work with me went.