FREE sessions

kid jumping30 MINUTES LIVE  Sometimes the best way to know if you want to work with someone is to sit down together and talk.  I invite you to schedule a 30 minute session with me and get a sense of how we might work together.  contact me

15 MINUTES via Skype.  Spend 15 minutes with me bringing yourself  back to your body!  Whether you need to bring down stress and agitation or get yourself alert and ready to focus, a 15 minute embodiment session can bring you into presence and attention.  To schedule a time send me a message or call me at 360-705 1216.

These sessions on Skype will assist you in embodiment. I want you to be satisfied so I offer your first session FREE of charge..  Subsequent sessions are $20 each or schedule 6 for $100.  You pay after the session via paypal. 

 All of the practices of embodied relationship point in the same direction; how to be with oneself fully and truly in contact with another at the same time.  The basic skill here is to stay in your body while interaction with the world; using your (body) to monitor touch and proximity and taking the time to embody your process as you speak and listen.”  Susan Apoyshan

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