Working with me looks like this…

Body of Knowledge Studio

People come to see me because they feel disconnected from their body or frustrated with talk therapy or they have a sense of their body holding trauma or maybe because they are kinesthetic learners and love to move.  I believe healing and learning are innate and accessible to everyone.  Learning to listen to your body’s signals; such as racing heart, a churning stomach, pain or constricted breathing gives you the information needed to increase access to resilience and well-being.  Because a somatic approach addresses the whole person it fulfills a unique role in problem solving, understanding and transforming human behavior.

When you are dealing with a chronic muscular-skeletal problem like low back pain or a bum shoulder, I will listen to your goals and help you develop ways to reduce tension, increase relaxation and initiate action for improved function and increase ease.  Bartenieff Fundamentals and developmental movement are approaches I use to address body mechanics, inner connectivity and alignment because of their effect on physiological and neurological process. Which will in turn effect your whole self.

If emotion is what brings you to see me, I will help you to reconnect to your sense of wholeness though movement and sensation. You may expressively explore the metaphors offered by your body for insight or direction. All sessions follow the pace of your process and no matter what your goals or concerns, I will gently guide you to reconnect you with your ability to heal by attending to sensation, impulses, alignment and imagination.  My emphasis is on eliciting your alive embodied presence while respecting your limitations.  The pace and direction of our work is led by you and held in respectful containment.

Children play as self-expression to understand themselves and the world around them. I believe each child has an impulse to learn and mature and with support the ability to solve their problems. In my work with children I am non directive in my approach following their lead and supporting them in unfolding their stories and working out their challenges through movement and play. With an eye toward sensory integration and developmental tasks I offer direction and activities that support the child’s challenge.

Working with couples I focus on two goals; listening and mirroring what was heard and on supporting each person in seeing the other. Authentic Movement offers a powerful structure to see and more fully understand the person you are in relationship with. I gently guide couples to experience being seen by each other in an intimate and safe space.