I’ve spent so much of my life in my head — I know that already, but still need & appreciate your gentle, patient reminders of how else to experience and learn from myself and my environment.  Even when I come in feeling like I’ve followed every path to answer my questions and come up with no answers, *especially* on those days, you open up a new way of looking at my questions and provide me with a new tool, one that couldn’t be more perfect for what I’m confronting. C.S.

When I came to you, I had difficulty in getting up and down from the floor.  You gave me the tools to do this easily and without pain.  Your instructions were fun, we laughed and because of your caring nature, I was able to actually accomplish what I needed to learn in a wonderful way!  W.S.

Working with Karen has helped me to greatly improve a chronic shoulder condition.   In my daily activities I find myself referring to our work with core engagement and spinal alignment.  C.A.

Karen has a gentle touch, and non-confrontative demeanor.  She goes deep and profound, while I still get to feel in charge of myself and the work. E.B.

Karen has a special talent for bringing a group to a dynamic whole.  She makes the movement experience both individually and collaboratively satisfying by attending to the need so the individual and the collective power of the group. S.K.

Karen leads in a particularly respectful manner appreciating and honoring personal visions.  She is ingenious and whimsical bringing a fresh sense of play to learning. C.D.

You create a profoundly safe, exploratory space.  Not only do I benefit from your skills during sessions, but the larger community benefits from the several ways that you share your knowledge and energy with anyone and everyone.  Seeing that spirit in you makes me all the more open to your healing ways.  C.S.

Karen is able to present concepts of space and movement in a way that the children can easily understand.  She leads children on a creative journey of their own making.  For confidence building and inventive expression, this class (Creative Dance for Kids) is an excellent resource.

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