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Embodiment and Self Regulation

To be embodied is to experience and process interactions, thoughts and experiences with oneself, others and the environment through sensation and movement. When you are embodied you can think and feel simultaneously.  It’s something that I teach probably because it … Continue reading

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natural movement

I’ve always been curious about our understanding of the word “natural”. Once embraced by alternative culture (applying to foods, parenting, livelihood, housing, etc.) natural became a ubiquitous label and now it is more meaningless marketing.   When I taught Modern Dance … Continue reading

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What distinguishes mammals from other critters?  Well what first comes to mind is birthing live offspring and nursing their young.  Recently I heard again another characteristic, mammals have two tiny middle ear bones, and these two smallest bones in the … Continue reading

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“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold” Joseph Chilton Pearce The first time I read this I said ” wow that is cool” and I promptly went on to my lists of tasks while also … Continue reading

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two ways of knowing

There are two ways I learn about my body/mind.  One is scientific; reading, looking at anatomy illustrations, photos and occasionally x rays.  Most of this is actually about others bodies and I apply what I can, hoping we are very … Continue reading

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