RETURNING HOME  four week series in February to support you in coming home via listening, sensing and moving. more..

WHAT I KNOW ABOUT PAIN a free one hour workshop February 16th more…

As a Somatic Movement Therapist I lead explorations designed to reconnect you with your body by attending to sensation, alignment and imagination. This approach focuses the body’s intelligence to help with challenges both physical and psychological. My emphasis is on assisting you in finding alive embodied presence while respecting your limitations.               ALL SESSIONS CURRENTLY ONLINE

Here is how a client describes my work:

You create a profoundly safe, exploratory space.  Not only do I benefit from your skills during sessions, but the larger community benefits from the several ways that you share your knowledge and energy with anyone and everyone. Seeing that spirit in you makes me all the more open to your healing ways. C.S.

Schedule a free consultation, and find out if this way of working speaks to you.